For the past three years I have been fortunate to work at a one-to-one iPad high school. I taught several different math courses and used a variety of instructional strategies in an attempt to reach my students in a creative, memorable way. ¬†For two years I (and another teacher) implemented the Flipped Classroom. If you’re unfamiliar with that model, the Flipped Classroom is essentially a setup where the teacher assigns teacher-created videos for homework. These videos are short and informative, giving students the basics of the intended lesson and opportunities for practice. Then, the following day in class, the teacher assigns problems, projects, and/or in-depth analysis of the material. I found the Flipped Classroom to work incredibly well in math courses because students weren’t expected to go home and complete 20 practice problems for homework; they watched and interacted with a video. Then the practice was completed in the classroom in small groups, where they could get help or clarification the moment they realized they needed it.

Many of the other teachers (in both the math department and other subject areas) expressed such an interest in implementing this model with their classes. Even though I left my classroom to be a stay-at-home mom, I still have colleagues reaching out for guidance and direction on how to transform their class into a Flipped Classroom.

My “problem” for this project is to design a professional development module, targeted towards my former colleagues at my most recent school, explaining the process and giving direction on how I created my Flipped Classroom. I plan to explain not only the tools that I found worked well, but also discover and share additional tools that others may find useful. I plan to make it a “Flipped” experience, so they learn from my instruction but also experience from a student’s perspective what the Flipped model feels like. I know the kinds of things our administration likes to see in instruction and evaluation so I will include those in my module. Then, I will send the module to the teachers who have reached out to me as well as to the Technology Adviser and my former principal, in case there might be other teachers who have expressed interest but haven’t necessarily reached out to me.