Part 2: Prime your mind

Idea Notes:


Part 3: Incubate

(The fact that an assignment included a scheduled break was so nice! Although, my husband came in the room to see if I needed anything and I had to tell him that laying down playing Angry Birds Blast was actually part of the assignment! He was admittedly a tad skeptical…)

Part 4: Back to work and reflection

Addendum to Idea Notes:


Reflection: I really enjoyed this lab activity. I liked having dedicated time to spend on actively thinking about my problem. Taking a break is something I have always done when I am stuck; I distinctly remember a time in middle school when I was overwhelmed with a project and I spent hours making no progress whatsoever. My mom suggested I take a break and come back to it later. I went for a walk and had a snack.  I remember being shocked at how much more progress I was able to make on the project after letting my brain walk away for a bit! I’ve been mulling over this problem of practice since I originally picked it at the beginning of the semester, so have been constantly running ideas through my mind. Because of that, I don’t think my incubation period here was as effective or eye-opening as it potentially could have been. However, I think I still came up with some questions and ideas that I hadn’t already thought about over the past few weeks. I really feel like over the course of this class that I have come up with some good ideas and addressed some valid concerns that my fellow colleagues will have when attempting to flip their classrooms.