Part 1: Brainstorming

I did two short brainstorming sessions– one with a moms’ group (backgrounds include psychology, history, and math teachers, stay at home moms, engineers, and physical therapy) and one with my own mom, who works in administration at a private high school. My notes from both sessions (I took them on the same paper) are below.IMG_1028

Part 2: Incubation journal

I kept this incubation journal on my cell phone, in my “Notes” app. I chose this because I ALWAYS have my phone with me and I can verbally ask Siri to add something else to my note if I have an idea while driving or am otherwise occupied.

Part 3: Reflection

Throughout this process, I have learned how to really expand my mind and come up with some ideas that I might not have considered before. I am someone who tends to jump headfirst into projects without much planning/though beforehand and this process has forced me to slow down and THINK and truly ponder the design process. As a result, I think I will ultimately be much happier with my finished product than I would have been from the get-go. This would be an incredible skill to turn around and teach to my students in my classroom– if they had the ability to follow these steps when doing their own projects, the products they created would be incredible!

As I move away from the “thinking” and towards the “doing” parts of this course project, I have begun to actually consider what aspects and ideas I will use in my final product.  In another MSU course, I discovered the web app called Symbaloo. It’s an incredible resource for creating self-directed learning modules and allows you to use a variety of outside resources (like documents, links, videos) as well as create tests/quizzes and interactive activities. My plan is to create a Symbaloo module. I have a great article that is very informative for parents of students in flipped classes that I will provide as a resource. Then I’ll give teachers an opportunity to give me some feedback on what they already know about flipped classrooms so I can gauge their background knowledge, sort of like a built-in KWL chart within the module. I want the module to be easily accessible across all platforms, so that whether a teacher has an iDevice, an Android, or a PC, they can effortlessly complete all the activities and view the resources. The more I plan this project the more excited I am about actually creating it! I hope it will be as useful to other teachers as I would like for it to be!