Everyone Matters

“…Red, yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world…”

The classic song from my childhood Sunday School class is one of the first things that comes to mind when I think of Everyone Matters. I chose to represent this idea using Legos (Mega Blocks) because of how they connect together. No matter our race, color, gender, culture, background, or beliefs, we are all interconnected and each piece is just as vital to the overall structure as another. If a piece were missing, the final result would not be the same. I put the Legos on a “MajikCatch” mitt (you know the ones with velcro on each hand paddle and a tennis ball you throw back and forth that let uncoordinated kids actually feel like they can catch a ball) because of its scratchy surface. Life is scratchy. It isn’t always nice looking or good feeling, but in the end it can be a pretty fun game. The mirror represents the importance of inward reflection, and constantly reevaluating ourselves. It also reminds us that our individuality is vital, too. My individual likes, dislikes, beliefs, and opinions are just as critical to the world as another person’s.

As I was trying to come up with different ideas for this assignment, I was sitting amongst my kids’ toys and was just looking around for inspiration. It kind of made me think of our last module where we were directed to take a “brainless break” to allow a new idea to pop into mind.  I had been thinking for a few days on what on earth I could use to represent one of the abstract ideas and had hit a wall with my thinking. I hadn’t even picked a topic-I just kept reading over the list and waiting for something to come to mind. I was in the middle of a living room filled with Legos when I noticed the black, white, yellow, and red ones near each other (thank you, Construction-themed Mega Blocks set!) and that song from Sunday School popped into mind. Suddenly, I had my idea! As I started putting the Legos together and thinking concretely about my interpretation, I rummaged through the toys to find other items that helped expand my thinking. I enjoyed this lab! I enjoy creating things like this, although sometimes I struggle with understanding another person’s interpretation of their abstract ideas. I am interested to click through classmates’ posts to see how they handled this assignment.