This module felt hectic to me. Upon receiving feedback on my prototype from the last module, I went back to look at it again and realized I had not, in fact, created what I thought I was creating. I thought I had made something helpful for teachers who already knew about Flipping, but what I’d done was created a resource (a rather boring one, at that, but my plan was originally to add voiceovers to the presentation I’d created) to introduce flipping to teachers curious about it.

So I scrapped it.

I recreated my prototype and I have to say, I am much prouder of it now. In hindsight, I don’t think I was supposed to have done that, but I think my current prototype is much more “testable” and actually demonstrates what I had in mind for my project.

You can find my new prototype here. (Please let me know what you think!)

I was unable to complete the lab activity (yet! I am still planning to do it!) and truly finish the PoP assignment. I was waiting for feedback on my prototype from course instructors before sending it to colleagues who had already agreed to help with the project. Due to a glitch in the system, my feedback needed to be reloaded before I was able to see it. When I realized my prototype wasn’t what I thought I had created, and decided to recreate it, it took some time to actually put my thoughts into fruition and come up with a delivery system that was easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, and that ultimately I was proud to have created. I sent the website out to my colleagues with pleading words to offer feedback as soon as possible, whether via the Google form I’d included in the site or via text message or phone conversation. Of the four colleagues I sent it to, I have received feedback from only one so far. I have chosen to hold off on my lab activity and submitting my final Testing Phase Report, so that I might include feedback from the others who are testing my design.

My professional development module that I created was intended to be a self-directed module for teachers to learn at their own pace. Here in Florida, teachers are approaching End-of-Course exams, senior exams, and the busy prom-graduation-festivities part of the year. I have to patiently wait for feedback from those I sent the module out to; I am hopeful I will get at least two more replies within a week and then plan to re-post to share what I learned and how things turned out. I suppose this was a design flaw in and of itself– I should have organized a small session where the teachers access the unit in front of me and then offer immediate feedback in person. This would be something to keep in mind for any future design projects but it’s impossible to do at this point due to time constrictions. I’m not currently in the classroom, so coordinating a time to meet with everyone in person may be near impractical.

I did send an email to ask (beg!) for an extension on this part of the project, but as of this moment have not received permission for that. I understand and will take responsibility for my poor planning if an extension cannot be granted but regardless, I still fully intend to complete the module lab and PoP activity as assigned.

Thank you!