Sunday, October 1, 2017

This week I was asked to apply the concepts I included in my Rubric 2.0, as well as principles of Understanding by Design (UbD) to review an assessment that is typical to my professional context.

The assessment I chose is the mid-module checkpoint quiz. Nearly every math teacher I know gives a quiz in the middle of the chapter, as a half-way point to the chapter test. Many times this quiz is a quick, multiple choice assessment because teachers want to know, quickly and easily, who does and doesn’t understand before moving onto the rest of the unit. In the virtual classroom, this MMCQ doesn’t have much impact on the lesson instruction that will come during the rest of the unit, but it does allow me to customize the tutoring that each student will receive as we troubleshoot where their thinking went awry if they’re having trouble performing well throughout the rest of the chapter.

Here’s my analysis; I welcome any and all feedback!