What an eye-opening activity this was! I explored three content management systems– Schoology, Educator, and Canvas. The one I am currently using for work, Educator, was my favorite until I played around in Schoology and Canvas! My biggest challenge in being a virtual teacher is quick, meaningful feedback within the course. In the brick-and-mortar classroom, feedback in math often comes in the form of demonstrating a problem and discussing– orally– the process and applications for it. I have found it difficult to give constructive feedback quickly and effectively within my virtual class because feedback comes in the form of sentences. So many students do not read carefully, so expecting them to learn how to correct their understanding of a complex mathematical concept via sentences is not reasonable. Schoology and Canvas offer video feedback! That would be an incredible opportunity to be able to include a short instructional video when I notice that a student has a major misconception.

I really liked the familiarity of Schoology, as I’m an avid Facebook user and I liked that it was similar to my feed there. However, the possibilities within Canvas seem limitless– I didn’t find anything that I couldn’t do in Canvas, either from my own exploration, a quick Google search, or from the “Intro to Canvas” course I found on the Commons and imported into my sample class. I think that Canvas would definitely encompass everything I needed it to in order to be an effective math teacher.

My analysis of the three LMS’s can be found here. Comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated!