Part 1:

A) 5 Whys? Root-Cause Analysis

PROBLEM: Teachers want to create a flipped classroom.

WHY? Teachers want to spend more time in class getting deeper into subject matter.

WHY? Helping students delve deeply into subject matter makes learning relevant.

WHY? Relevant learning can be fun and exciting.

WHY? When subject matter is no longer boring and exhausting, it ignites an intrinsic desire to continue.

WHY? Students who care about what they’re learning in school are more likely to stay in school and pursue additional learning opportunities.

B) Why-How Ladder


C) POV Madlibs


Part 2:

Teachers, specifically high school teachers, want to give students as many meaningful, real-life learning opportunities as possible while still aligning their courses with state standards and ensuring students master the basic skills required in that course. However, there never seems to be enough time during class to teach, practice, differentiate, master, generalize, and synthesize this information. Enter the “Flipped Classroom.” Flipped Classrooms allow teachers to give students the basics, the skeleton, of the lesson at hand using a pre-recorded video and sample questions (so teaching, practicing, and differentiating), and then use class time to master, generalize, and synthesize in both small groups and as a whole-class. I will make a training module for teachers who wish to implement this model in their class. I will provide research and first-hand experience, suggestions, do’s and don’ts, and a guide for handling questions from parents regarding the different approach.